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Systuff offers computer system solutions for Small to Medium-sized businesses with an emphasis on Open Source Software (OSS). If you don't know what OSS is yet, don't worry: You can follow the link below to find out.

Systuff specializes in complete low-cost, high-performance computing solutions for most businesses. We can accommodate all of your computing requirements, including: Hardware acquisition, software selection, system maintenance, network installation, custom software development, system administration, website development, technology assessments and many other needs.

Working primarily in Northeast Ohio from Canton to Cleveland, we normally focus on Small Businesses employing less than 500 employees. However, we will likely be able to meet your needs through our ever-growing network of consultants. E-mail us at info@systuff.com or call 330-268-3348 for more information.

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Open Source Software


The Cyber-Squatter Scourge

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Presentation on running Windows Applications on Linux

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